POYI Multimedia Winner

Writing can only do so much for a story. And photos can only add so much more. Combining one of those elements with video, as Multimedia Photographer of the Year Ed Kashi did in his story on what he refers to as Syria’s Lost Generation, adds so much more to the story that simply isn’t visible with only one aspect.

Like other winners of the POYI’s Multimedia Photographer of the Year, Ed Kashi combines several elements of basic storytelling and gives an in depth look at the on-going situation in Syria, and a look at some of the areas that might not be covered as much, and does so in a way that makes the viewer, the reader, etc. want to know more, which is the mark of any good journalist. He combines his written storytelling with his mini, fifteen minute documentary very, very well. To see what I might be able to do with the basics I am learning in my class right now, is simply incredible, and I am already looking forward to what the Multimedia category puts forward in the coming years.

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