Spring Break Coverage

Sex, drugs, and alcohol. This is what many view as the crux of spring break for the vast majority of college students. For instance, here is a Fox News breakdown of how the police in South Florida intend to cope with the influx of  party-going college students for spring break.

However, there is a side of spring break that not many tend to focus on, and that is an idea called ‘Alternative Spring Break’. An article from the University of Buffalo’s website highlights how several students give up their week of reprise from school for the benefit of others, wherever they can. One student originally planned to go to the Dominican Republic to help out, but ended up signing on for a trip to South Dakota, because as she says, “Why not?”

It is an aspect of spring break that doesn’t get as much coverage as it should, showing that one week in March is not exclusively for partying on a beach in Florida or Mexico, but can also be a massive volunteer opportunity for those interested.

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